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We Buy Houses . . . Fast Cash!

About Us

We are a private real-estate investment company. We are not realtors or a real-estate agency.

We buy 4 to 5 homes each month as an investment.

We offer several unique buying programs to allow homeowners to instantly sell their home without any of the usual time delays and hassles associated with the traditional methods used to sell property.

We primarily purchase vacant properties and ones that need repairs. However, we will consider other types of property on a case-by-case basis and situation. Whether or not it needs repairs, we can still help homeowners.

We typically buy for cash and close within 1 to 10 days. We have been in the real estate and construction industry for over ten years and have a successful record in residential projects as well as commercial projects.

Our Projects Have Included:

Purchasing and rehabbing apartments, multi-family properties and and older single family homes

These properties are purchased with funds from different sources including our own, banks, lending institutions and private venture capitalist. We have unlimited capital available to fund deals.

We are constantly seeking properties to buy.

Membership Affiliations
Better Business Bureau - Zero Complaints
Wachovia Bank
Brookview Financial, Inc.
Suncoast Realestate Investors Association
Property Owner's Association
MBT Learning Center
We Also Purchase
Vacation Homes Mountain and/or Waterfront Residential Properties Multi-family Units:
2-200 units, Any Price, Area, Condition
Mobile Home Parks: 15-100 spaces Commercial Properties Self Storage Facilities Private Rental: 40,000 - 60,000 Sq. Ft.
Strip Mall Developments: 3-10 stores Assisted Living Facilities, Car Washes, Laundry Facilities
We Offer Investment Opportunities

For people who are looking for better return on their retirement money than what the bank or market is paying, we allow them to participate in our Preferred Private Lending Program.